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The Breaking News Network is meeting at Inman Connect in San Francisco

Our sponsor charity at Mortgage Revolution

Virtual REBarCamp April 6 - my new presentation on the Impact of Geolocational Media

Be a part of the Mortgage Revolution

Attend HomeGain's Ask the Experts next Tuesday December 8

Virtual Real Estate BarCamps should happen monthly

Special Offer - Inman Connect NYC + One Year Social Media Education

A Tribute to the World Trade Centers when they were normal

Join us at the Twitter Conference LA September 22-23

The Theme of the First Week in August in San Francisco - the Business Model prevails

Join us at Inman Connect 2009 in San Francisco

REBarCamps vs. 140 Twitter Conference

Referral Expo starting May 18

HomeGain's 10th Anniversary - Kudos

RETechSouth Online Resources

Still time to sign up for RETechSouth

Congrats to Todd Carpenter, NAR's new Social Media Manager

RETechSouth - Learn the New Options that Transcend Blogging

10 Leading Trends for Real Estate in 2009

BlogTalkRadio Chat on the Social Media System and Sibdu

REBlogWorld Contact List

RE Blog World

Inman Real Estate Connect and REBarCamp

Carnival of Real Estate - the Slide Show Edition

Road Trip Observations

Politics and Real Estate Don't Mix, Especially Now

Google Page Rank update

RETechSouth - Conference 2.0

RETechSouth - the sudden conference

NBA All Star Weekend

Help the Tornado Victims

Inman Connect review

Meeting your Social Graph at Conferences

Real time online gadgetry at NAR

BarCamp Block - Web 2.0 Unconference

Realogy on Yahoo! Real Estate

Welcome to San Francisco

All about Inman Week

Where 2.0 Conference

Redfin meets TV Watching America

Joe and Rudy's Excellent BlogTour

Upset City!

NAR Tech Guy Mark Lesswing Keynote

CAR Strategy Session

Project Blogger Introduction

Carnivals, Blogger Buzz and Weenies

Carnival and a Pickup Game

Real Estate Blogging in Fremont

The SocketSite / Redfin Party in SF

Blogging Seminars in the Bay Area

Thank You to Inman Connect NYC

Inman Connect updates

RE Connect Activities Aggregated - Continually Updated

Real Estate's Social Networks / by Drew Meyers

Blogging begins to penetrate Realtors' consciousness

Everything you need to know about the new Zillow in 15 minutes!

Ben to Alan: "C'mon, let me be Fed Chairman"

Carnival of Real Estate at Ubertor

Followup - Real Estate Auction becomes front page news

Kudos to Zillow being named to AdAge's "Marketing 50"

Kudos to Carnival picks from the Bay Area

How the New Congress will affect the Real Estate Industry

Economic News that will Thoroughly Confuse

Blog Business Summit News

Remember Bond Traders? Vanished!!

Ten Seinfeldian Observations in Real Estate

Carnival of Real Estate - #6 in the Blogger Starter Series

San Francisco's new mall speaks "Manhattanization"

California house flipping statistics - interesting to see which counties have the most failed activity

Investor frenzy is officially over

California Dept of Insurance Commish Garamendi continues attack on excessive title insurance and escrow fees

Another explanation from Fed Reserve Economists about why this is not an artificial bubble

Interview Loan Brokers on the Sly over Coffee at Mortgage Broker Luncheons

Realtor Marketing Meetings - Schedules in SF Bay Area

Realtor Marketing Meetings - a Unique Way to Find a Good Local Realtor