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Building a Hyperlocal Community using Twitter

Breaking REO News

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Twitter integrated into mainstream media site

VoiceCloud - No More Checking Voicemail

Superlist of free web tools

Chat client proliferation

Zillow Mortgages is essentially a free open marketplace

No Reason not to use Google Apps

Watch Election 2008 Returns on Google Maps with Media Twitters


How to get a reader to store your blog and contact details for future reference

Google Maps / Web 2.0 makes regular folks application developers

Google Maps with customizable icons

Two tips to get noticed on Google Maps and Yahoo! Local

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Latest video ideas

Embeddable Google MyMaps

Web 2.0 Ahead of the Curve

Explaining Web 2.0

Using Google Maps to make your site a local go-to destination - part 2

Second Space - an Internet Strategy

An Ingenious Video Contest

Using Google Maps for Marketing Local Expertise


Pownce - advancing Instant Presence

Search Engine Results Data Mining

Google across 1,000+ real estate related blogs

Two new breathtaking Google Map products

Where 2.0 Conference

Very cool free Mobile Services

Real Estate Q&A; - an Overview

Google API Developers Beware

Buzzdash & Online Polls

The VFlyer Listings Widget

Radical Transparency Extends into the World

MyBlogLog experiments

The Land of Real Estate Wikis

The Latest in Viral Marketing

Unique Website/Blog Evaluation Tools

Transparent Wiki-integrated Search Engine

News Mashups

Everything you need to know about the new Zillow in 15 minutes!

Next RE Web2.0 challenger - Edgeio

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Tracking Comments with CoComment

How to book cheap, excellent hotels in California

Google apps galore

Introducing Quantcast and its mystifying demographic data source

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GeoIQ - multivariate heat mapping

The Skinny on Real Estate Auctions

Potpourri of interesting articles today

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Neighboroo - the most fun map app since Zillow

List of Vendors / Apps that help Realtors streamline posting on Craigslist and other listing sites

Another big reason to start Blogging - Microsoft Vista's RSS functionality

A List of Every Website Statistic Publicly Available

Business blogs will take off - Active Rain is a harbinger

Useful Treo Utilities for the Real Estate professional

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One more highly recommended resource for the New Blogger

Tale of two new Web 2.0 apps that wowed me in 24 hours

Real time housing data is significantly more valuable than months old NAR data

Agents should check MyRealtyBlog as a Website option

An Inventive Realtor's "Money Back Guarantee"

Interesting Sales tactics - from By Referral Only

Online prediction markets - pastime now, credible later?

Web 2.0 Real Estate Sites Aggregating User Support Content

Blog tools part #2 - Personal Mapping & other Web 2.0 stuff

Using IRAs to invest in Real Estate

XBroker explains in great detail mortgage broker tricks

Practical guide to Blog Advertising

Property valuation services in Japan - a step towards global real estate transparency

Home Buyer RE Search Resources - Yahoo! Real Estate revamps site - try them all out

California Title Insurance rate schedules online

Lead Conversion's newest Permutation - Lead Response Time

Get Title - a new title insurance business model

All About Reverse Mortgages