Interesting Sales tactics - from By Referral Only

"Give me the opportunity to sell you something!"

This is the second article on a series about industry sales tactics (the first here). if you're a home buyer/seller, recognize them; if you're a Realtor, try them out. I find sales tactics intriguing because they can be formulaic and strikingly effective at the same time. It's funny, whenever I hear a particularly unique sales tactic I know, I feel like I have to call them on it (yes, it's a 10-year-old kid's reaction) but usually I shut my mouth and smile.

I heard some unique sales tactics at a seminar for By Referral Only. I enjoy attending these introductory events that are pre-qual sessions for registration to their three day workshops. The reasons -  1) most of the business I do is referral based (and By Referral Only's methodology does makes sense), 2) everybody attending a sales seminar tends to open and friendly so the spirited networking is fun, 3) I always learn something...

Here are a few sales tips for Realtor/Mortgage Brokers that I think are original... I hope their guile makes you smile!


Here's what you do if you haven't spoken with a potential client in the last three months. Call them out of the blue and recite the following script:

"The reason I'm calling you right now is I have some time right now to work with one new client. And before I do my advertising and get real busy, I want to offer you my time, or time to your friends or family members..."

Then, complete silence... wait for your potential client to think of a reply... do not cave in to saying anything until the party responds...

Also note that "right now" is said twice to imply the spirit of urgency. The hardest part is maintaining the silence. However, this silence gives the client the opportunity to think about how they could use or benefit from your offer. The typical reply will be "well, my friend is looking for a home now... etc..."

For followup, send a thank you card together with a $5 Starbucks gift coupon and 5 business cards. The note should say:

"Thanks for your time today... enclosed is a gift... thanking you in advance for recommending the people you care most about to me."


Here is the Realtor's pat answer to the dreaded question:

"How much are your commission fees?"

"I get compensated two ways. First, I make the upfront effort and pay for all the expenses associated with marketing your house so we can get the best possible price for it. For this service, I receive 6% commission. The second way I get compensated is by asking you to refer me to your friends and family members so I don’t need to prospect for my next client. Then I can devote my complete attention to selling your house."



“Don’t keep me a secret”

The psychological rationale behind this phrase is the word "Don't". Heard often as a child in an accusatory tone, the adult has been conditioned to a defensive response like "oh, I always tell all my friends about you..."

I will use this phrase on my next email marketing in order to get my recipients to forward the email (which are excerpts from Transparent Real Estate and an invitation for subscription) to their friends.


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