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TRANSPARENT REAL ESTATE: Monthly Archives for August 2006

How a Lead becomes a "Lead" - part 3 on Lead Qualification

Home buyers - learn the scripts realtors use to capture you as clients

California house flipping statistics - interesting to see which counties have the most failed activity

Home Buyer RE Search Resources - Yahoo! Real Estate revamps site - try them all out

California Title Insurance rate schedules online

Appraisals - a guide

Investor frenzy is officially over

California Dept of Insurance Commish Garamendi continues attack on excessive title insurance and escrow fees

Lead Conversion's newest Permutation - Lead Response Time

Another explanation from Fed Reserve Economists about why this is not an artificial bubble

Get Title - a new title insurance business model - an advertising model for realtors

How Internet Lead Generation Shifts the Realtor's Lead Acquisition and Selling Process

Home Buyers - Know that when you fill out an Online Home Valuation/Mortgage Quote form, you will receive a Followup Phone Call from a Realtor/Loan Broker who Paid for the Lead

Interview Loan Brokers on the Sly over Coffee at Mortgage Broker Luncheons

Realtor Marketing Meetings - Schedules in SF Bay Area

Pocket Listing MLS? - Watch Redfin's "First-to-Know"

All About Reverse Mortgages

Where are the Contrarians in this Market?

Participate in the The Ultimate Zillow Poll

Zillow makes a profound analytical statement

Guide to Hidden Closing Costs

No Title Rep blogs? No Escrow blogs? Only one Appraiser blog?

An "Audacious Fees" story

"Manhattanization" of San Francisco

Home Buyer/Sellers start acting like Free Agents and a Big Opportunity opens for Vendors like title insurance companies to market directly to them

Links to Topical Articles on Closing Costs and Title Insurance

Japan's Real Estate Paradox

Admission of a Blog Newbie

Future Housing

For New Loan Officers - Rules for a Trouble-Free Refinance

Real Estate How-To links

Commoditization of Real Estate Investment

Realtor Marketing Meetings - a Unique Way to Find a Good Local Realtor