One more highly recommended resource for the New Blogger

After two months of blogging, I've come to various conclusions about its benefits - the first two are pretty obvious, but they need to be stated, the third and fourth were more unexpected:

  1. The sheer analysis and study required for public writing has simply made me a better student of how real estate works and where the industry is headed.
  2. The discipline of writing makes concepts concrete, and for business, it clarifies strategies and provides depth to the marketing message.
  3. The mission for business transparency extends to one self. The blogger's character is naturally revealed and the blog serves as an introduction to the blogger's society. I ruminate on this here .
  4. The realization of first three points - blogging makes you smarter, more disciplined and provides a type of social glue - transforms the new blogger into an evangelist for others. And that's the stage I enter.

As I begin to promote blogging to my immediate real estate community, I encounter that common concern we all know - am I creative and disciplined enough to produce a readable post daily/frequently? Oh, and can I write well?

Jim Cronin at Real Estate Tomato mirrors my enthusiasm for blogging (umm, even more so) and addresses the new blogger with a series of articles that can be found under the Tomato's Blogging Advice category. And he's celebrating his 100th day of blogging today... it's a real statement when the Tomato stands so prominently in the landscape today. And that's what I tell new bloggers - it's a wide open opportunity now. Congrats, Jim.

His latest post today on clues me in to another handy web tool - Writely , a google-related online Word app - upon which I'm composing this post.


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  • 10/14/2006 1:16 AM Jim Cronin wrote:
    Thank you for such kind words. You are doing a fantastic job yourself.
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  • 5/28/2008 6:09 PM Robin wrote:
    Blogging is most definitly the way to go. I applaud any and all new bloggers. Yes, there is a lot of work going in, you do have to do your homework, but the amount of people that you can bring to your blog is worth your while.
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