No Reason not to use Google Apps

How did Matt and Brad organize RETechSouth, the conference presented by non-conference organizers? They used Google Docs, and shared the spreadsheet with the ad hoc organizing committee. The speaker list, the sponsor list, discussions on topics and speakers... all in one place and simple to use.

Previously, the landscape of collaborative software was just too confusing for laymen adoption due to the high learning curve of a completely new application. Google Apps slyly provided a suite of Microsoft Office-like applications for normal folks and got them used to working the apps individually. The collaborative functionality turns on easily, and suddenly collaboration becomes a no-brainer accessible to even the tech-challenged. The only problem with Google Docs is when one needs to work offline, say in a plane or a ski cabin without wifi connection.

Well, the blogosphere has been going wild today with the announcement that Google Apps will finally be usable offline using Google Gears. One can continue editing a document offline and have it synced when back on the network. Most of the pundits say it's about time and are predicting this will be an Office killer.


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  • 3/31/2008 10:06 PM Todd Carpenter wrote:
    I use Google docs almost exclusively. Besides collaboration, it makes it easy to edit my docs from more than one computer. The Interface continues to improve as well.
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  • 4/1/2008 5:36 AM Mitch Argon wrote:
    I've been a longtime MS Office user and don't see the tools going away soon - especially for higher end usage. Over the last year, I've started using the google apps more and as they improve the integration and availability(offline), I'll be relying less on MS Office. For casual users (the vast majority), this spells big trouble for Redmond. The counter response should be interesting.
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  • 4/5/2008 1:03 PM Terry wrote:
    Your post says that, "...the landscape of collaborative software was just too confusing for laymen adoption due to the high learning curve of a completely new application." You should give Basecamp a try. I don't have an affiliation with them, but have started using it with my real estate development projects and the learning curve was minutes. I haven't had a problem getting others up to speed in the same amount of time. The free version allows you to run one project at a time which works for me.
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  • 12/17/2009 7:46 AM James Velt wrote:
    Pat great article! I agree with you, it is easy to use and pretty intuitive. The only issue is that it could be a little bit tricky to setup for new comers. I like how google almost completely outsourced their support to small vendors to help with this endevour. By googling "google apps vendor" you'll be able to find a few like (first on the list), and so on. Lets see if google will take over with Chrome OS.
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