Everything you need to know about the new Zillow in 15 minutes!

Zillow's new site overhaul (announced at 9:00PST) is tonight's cover story. Here are the principal new features of the new Zillow:
  1. allows agents and consumers to post listings free
  2. provides a real estate wiki covering real estate topics (most likely for educating the consumer)
  3. allows home sellers to "check" sale pricing elasticity with their own "offers" - product is called "Make Me Move"
For real time feedback on the new Zillow, check:
  1. Drew Meyers from Zillow blog is monitoring the blogosphere for posts from his personal blog (thx Drew - you're the perfect hub for communicating the new Zillow strategies)
  2. Launch Technorati Mini to monitor blog posts on Zillow every 60 seconds.
For a top 10 list on why the new Zillow is going to be a monster:
  1. Inman News' top 10 take
  2. * Must read - Must read * - from Greg Swann who proved to be the old Zillow expert and extending to new Zillow

Just for kicks
  1. Kevin Boer makes intelligent predictions  on what the new Zillow might look like before the announcement was made
  2. Read the first five comments (as of 11:00PST) of Techcrunch's first-to-post about the new Zillow and take a moment to appreciate your blog's readership!  JJJ

The real estate blogosphere will dissect the new Zillow over the next 24 hours, and frankly it gets too repetitive. My only comment is that the new Zillow will have the power to connect the consumer to the real estate blogosphere - the connection is the tipping point for blog as marketing tool and I've been adamant about finding ways to get past that tipping point. Practically speaking, I'm hoping Zillow's wikis will open up our real estate blogosphere to the consumer... there should be extensive linkage to blog articles that will help the consumer with transaction transparency and advice.

Final point: now Zillow can capitalize on the eyeballs... way to go!

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  • 12/7/2006 4:45 PM teresa boardman wrote:
    dumb question but is their information accurate yet? If real estate is a local business is a national site the best strategy for attracting consumers. O.K. the is two questions. For sure I am the most clueless person in the real estate blogosphere for asking such irrelevant questions while gazing upon all the beautiful technology.
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    1. 12/7/2006 11:57 PM Pat Kitano wrote:
      Hey Teresa, Zillow has extended its real estate valuation parlor game to listing parlor game. I give the strategy high marks because valuations are now really subject to interpretation when a property has multiple valuations attached to it - a Zestimate, an asking price and perhaps seller commentary. And as has been widely discussed, Realtors know values best.

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  • 12/8/2006 5:25 AM Mary McKnight wrote:
    Pat- thanks to you and Drew for putting all the articles in a single place. I am beyond elated with Zillow right now. We work with their API daily and love it. I can't wait to see if they expose any of this new functionality in the next release of the API so us lowly developers can get our grubby little hands on it!
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  • 12/8/2006 5:23 PM teresa boardman wrote:
    Good point Pat but it does not matter how many valuations are attached to a property, it's value remains the same which is the number of dollars that a buyer will pay for it. 0 0 I am thinking of adding to my own property listings a from where buyers can buy it online. As long as they can wire the money we can do it that way too.
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  • 6/28/2008 5:03 AM Hunter Jackson wrote:
    who would have thought that in 2008 zillow and trulia would be as large as they are. The zestimate changing so often etc. I think they have a large value to the industry.
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