The SocketSite / Redfin Party in SF

Writing the "Social Pages" in the newspaper must be the biggest slacker job in journalism... pardon the blunt observation, a bit tipsy arriving home from a great
SocketSite / Redfin open bar party in downtown San Francisco. I heard more than several comments about how the sizzling atmosphere was reminiscent of in 1999 (yes, Prince's song came true that year in SF). Pardon the bravado, but this is why we love living and working in the Bay Area...

Well, here's my slacker article about who showed up (without pictures, I'll link to the pictures on other blogsites later but I've decided snapshots inside bars are not outr
è, but out):

To the hosts Adam of SocketSite and Glenn of Redfin - a hearty thank you for the best cocktail party of 2007 so far. Adam says one of San Francisco's market sea changes is the 4,000 new condos going  up for sale in San Francisco's downtown in 2007, with another 8-12,000 (didn't quite get the numbers) in the wings, plus xx,000 in planning (too exhausted tonight to verify facts).  It's the Manhattanization of San Francisco (yes, I keep saying it... but I love Manhattan).

Here are the bloggers and some at the party in alphabetical linkfest order - - -

Alex and Lenore Wilkas - blog up soon
Alex Clark
Andrew Maury
Damion Matthews
Dean Guadagni
John Harper
Karim Tahawi
Kevin Boer
Melanie Narducci
Mike Simonsen
Travis Chow

Speaking of drinking and parties, I guess you know it's not considered hideous for a buttoned down, serious Japanese salaryman to go out at night on those well documented customary "we're business guys drinking" drinking expeditions in Tokyo,  make it back to the train station in time for the last train out at 12:30,  heave on the platform and all over his navy blue suit,  get carried by his sloshed buddies armpit to armpit onto the last train,  get propped up in the seat, if there is one, if not, the floor... and then his buddies say "hail good fellow well met... three sheets to the wind" and hope the poor guy remembers when to get off at his stop.

Here's the point - they always know when to get off - I've seen it happen repeatedly. Here's my question to you - do you know the reason why they know when to get off?


John Harper posts his party snapshots and should buy a French dictionary to look up the word

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  • 2/8/2007 8:03 AM Andrew Maury wrote:
    Hey Pat - Good to see you last night. I'm impressed to see you got this up so soon after the event!
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  • 2/8/2007 11:50 AM Melanie Narducci wrote:
    Good to see you Pat, as always, and everyone else too -- good to meet you Andrew! I have a photo I took of Glenn if you'd like to use it; I'm with you about the paparazzi thang ... it just feels awkward!
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  • 2/8/2007 8:00 PM Brian Brady wrote:
    Nice work! I think you'll avoid a BUI charge. It sounds like it was a fun party.

    Is the general feeling about the vertical climb in SF real estate that if built it will sell? (not a loaded question). Was the idea met with disdain by the "old-time" natives?
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    1. 2/8/2007 10:11 PM Pat Kitano wrote:
      Thanks Brian, wish you lived up here... but then I wish I lived in San Diego...

      San Francisco Magazine has a nice spread on all the condo housing being built and planned... also in planning stages are twin towers that would be #3 and #4 tallest in America. No online article yet, but I myself didn't even know the extent of how massive the build up is. It reflects what happened in the San Diego condo landscape over the past few years... I've heard that the additional inventory really hit prices down there.

      At this party, there were no "old timers". In SF, perhaps like most urban cities, the old timers and the young timers run in completely separate circles... most of the party crowd last night are the downtowners that Redfin would target as potential clients.

      btw, there was really no opinion given about the state of San Francisco housing... no one knows whether the additional inventory will create a downdraft or elevate San Francisco into a world-class city.

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  • 2/9/2007 12:31 AM Brian Brady wrote:
    "no one knows whether the additional inventory will create a downdraft or elevate San Francisco into a world-class city."

    My brain says it creates a glut but San Fran real estate is the "little asset that could". I'm betting on world-class
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  • 2/9/2007 8:46 AM Adam Koval wrote:
    Pat – it’s great to read that you enjoyed the SocketSite gathering, thanks for joining us.

    In terms of the condo build up, we actually published the first Complete Inventory Index (Cii) for San Francisco last quarter (it breaks down the new development pipeline). And we will be publishing our updated index on Monday.

    And Brian, we are starting to see signs that the days of “if you simply build it, they will unconditionally buy it” (regardless of price, positioning, or design) are waning in San Francisco (think incentives, price reductions and a shift from sales to leasing in certain developments). That being said, great product is still in great demand.
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    1. 2/9/2007 11:03 PM Pat Kitano wrote:
      I missed your first quarterly inventory report, but looking forward to seeing your update next week...

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