Ten Steps to Create an Enthusiastic Community Network around You

Breaking News City sites are Twitter-based hyperlocal sites that broadcast real time news and events to the community:

Here are ten steps to create an enthusiastic community network with a Breaking News City site:
  1. By launching a Breaking News City site, you are providing a service to your community.
  2. First, find the best local Twitterers in your city (this takes about 2 hours, and is kind of fun).
  3. When you add a Twitter feed to Breaking News, you are helping that Twitterer get more exposure. They thank you for adding them. Add 50 feeds, gain 50 new friends.
  4. You develop working relationships with the media because you're adding their Twitter feeds. The media follow you because your Breaking News site is, well, a media property.
  5. Local merchants will appreciate, even love having a forum to tweet their daily deals. They will instantly become a part of your network.
  6. Introduce Breaking News as a free advertising / marketing medium to the Chamber of Commerce, and request their participation.
  7. Participate or even start a Tweetup in your city to meet f2f all the Twitterers participating in Breaking News
  8. Offer barter opportunities with Breaking News. Want a hotel to sponsor a Tweetup? Ask them and acknowledge their generosity with a sponsorship badge on Breaking News.
  9. Once you've developed new friends on Twitter, invite them to network on Facebook or LinkedIn and solidify your network.
  10. Consumers will be attracted to Breaking News like a local newspaper, and will see you as a hub for their community.
We've created a simple tutorial to get a Breaking News City site up and running, and I'll be going through this in a special webinar this Thursday at 9:00am PDT. Register through this link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/219107691. Update: by request, we added another webinar on Tuesday, May 12 9:00am PDT https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/883503707.


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