Completely Fooled by a Phishing Email!

Phishing is becoming very hard to distinguish. I got this email and it fooled me because I do my taxes in TaxAct Online, and I was waiting for the California tax version to come out. Note, nothing appears scammy, I just logged into my account expecting to complete my state returns... this is a real trap:

Clicking on any link brings the user to an identical looking TaxAct Online site. The real TaxAct Online needs to send an email out warning its clients about this immediately.

If you get caught inputting login data into a phishing application, go to UserNameCheck and change your passwords if you use similar passwords.


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  • 1/15/2009 9:34 AM The Mortgage Insider wrote:

    Email spam and phishing attacks for me stopped a year ago when I bought CloudMark.

    Being a mortgage advice blogger my domain has the word "mortgage" in it so I got loaded up with spam and worse...phising attacks.

    I was wasting hour a day sorting email, deleting, and attempting to add spammers and phishers to a "spam" filter in Outlook.

    Cloudmark does it automatically...check into's cheaper than wasting an hour a day....or worse...losing out to a phishing attack.

    Good Luck!
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  • 1/15/2009 10:26 AM Keith wrote:
    When I get a real e-mail from a real company with whom I have a relationship. I will click on the link. Then, when asked for my password, I always enter some random word and number for the password. If the screen likes what I have typed and says thank you, I know it was phishing. If it says wrong username, I tend to figure its real.
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