Net Fatigue - Why the Consumer needs Real Estate Professionals - the Slideshow

This slideshow will hopefully demonstrate a way to justify your fees to your clients in this Internet age.

Most Internet users come to the conclusion that the real utility of the Internet is to vet their real estate transaction, not to "do-it-yourself". Net fatigue is a new topic because the Internet is no longer a novelty, the PC has entrenched itself within the household as a core media hub.
Users are demanding transparent, non-arrogant, fulfilling services from internet service providers. By doing so, they are creating a cultural shift in the way all business is being transacted, offline as well as online. Those businesses who "get it" will prosper.

Net Fatigue
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  • 9/1/2008 2:25 PM Ken Brand wrote:
    Thanks again for your insight and effort. The big picture explained in simple terms. I especially like your "nobody wants to spend hours building relationships and figuring out who to trust". Too true, I know I don't, it's more believable and authentic to let your real self hang out on the web.

    Amen. Thanks.
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  • 9/1/2008 6:25 PM Vicki Lloyd wrote:
    Pat -

    This presentation really nailed it! I think everybody is getting overwhelmed with over-exposure to everything on the net and for a home buyer or seller, the fear of making mistakes with the biggest investment of their life is a highly stressful experience.
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  • 9/1/2008 9:03 PM Louis Cammarosano wrote:
    thanks for this. Today's society is interdependent, yet there are many do it your self tools. I like your point about the novelty of DIY wearing off.
    I have been fond of saying that you can churn your own butter if you wish but why would you?
    I know that marc Davidson did a post on how much he loves using his travel agent to save him time.
    "middlemen" will always be with us if they provide a time saving and cost effective solution.
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    1. 9/2/2008 1:14 PM Pat Kitano wrote:
      Ken, Vicki, Louis, appreciations. I noticed another article by Ashfaq Munshi on Inman News that also mirrors this new consumer sentiment. I believe any entrepreneur going forward into this new consumer landscape will be required to have the online presence and credibility to capture business.

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  • 9/4/2008 10:40 PM steve jenings wrote:
    Looks like my web guy.
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  • 9/6/2008 4:09 PM Rick Smith wrote:
    Great article. Right on the "money" with the DIY time that's spent online. Everyday our clientèle is advancing and if we don't stay ahead and "embrace the race" we might as well stay in the pits.
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