- like Zillow with vertical market research utility

ForeclosureRadar's new UI mashes up foreclosure data parsed by properties in the various stages of default - Notice of Default, in auction, or bank-owned - plus Zillow estimates all in a Google Map. Maps are the perfect way to display foreclosure data that tend to clump in neighborhoods.

Seeing ForeclosureRadar's maps, I realize Fidelity's Cyberhomes and Zillow could develop vertical products for foreclosures, new home developments, and maps that identify mortgage seasoning (years since last financing) and loan-to-value ratios. Then, real estate professionals can really mine these data... for example:
  • Mortgage brokers can farm neighborhoods and tract developments that have histories of financing or refinancing in 2003 and whose occupants will require new loans when their 5 year ARMs are due to readjust within the next year.
  • Investors or short sale experts can identify neighborhoods with high loan-to-value ratios that are ripe for default.
  • Offer subscription services for online farming, complete with marketing company partnerships to execute mailing and flyer distribution campaigns.
Now, I don't think Zillow and Cyberhomes are used for extensive market research, their data is inspected only as a parameter. Wouldn't adding these kinds of detailed vertical applications be a compelling product strategy? They have the data access to do it.

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