Dallas, the San Francisco of the South?

Here's the latest installment on hyperlocal paradoxes...

On Monday, we discussed how San Francisco's Haight Ashbury has turned into a Yuppie Haven that wants to clean up the new breed of hippies... I have a family member moving to Dallas this week; we did a check and realize that Dallas could be called the San Francisco of Texas... here are some interesting facts:

"This conservative metropolis could become the nation's largest city to elect an openly gay mayor if a longtime city council member wins a runoff election later this month. Ed Oakley's candidacy is the latest indication that Dallas' reputation as a conservative stronghold is giving way to more diversity. The city is already home to several gay elected officials, including the sheriff."

(Republican = red... look at that pink square! graphic from Neighboroo)

  • How many Dallas voters voted for Democrat John Kerry in 2004? I guessed 30%... but it's 75% !
"Present-day Dallas as a singular entity can be seen as fairly liberal, even exceptionally so relative to its position in what is seen as an extremely conservative area—in the 2004 presidential election, 75.05% of Dallas voters voted for John Kerry, the Democratic Party candidate.In the 2006 elections for Dallas County judges, 41 out of 42 seats went to Democrats."

(Asian population density = green, graphic from
  • Asian culture and food is something we figured might be missing in Dallas... well, Asians are moving to Dallas' suburbs. A new Koreatown has popped up... Koreans resourcefully develop their own communities in American cities through a gentrification process and Dallas is no different.

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  • 6/6/2007 4:34 PM Terry Smith wrote:

    You got my attention on this one. The inner loop of Dallas has always been liberal, The Park Cities is very democratic, but alas, they do not vote in Dallas elections because they are their own townships, let's say about 35,000 people, the wealthiest part of Dallas. Ed Oakley does not run on an openly gay campaign here, it is very quiet and I bet if you asked most people in N. Dallas they do not know he is gay, it is very understated in the North sector unless you read the paper very carefully, most straight people do not have a clue. I have always known that Dallas is like San Francisco and LA. It is going that way! We have always been very diverse, it's fantastic! Thanks for recognizing Big D, the election will be interesting, but I don't think voter turn out will be that good.
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    1. 6/6/2007 8:31 PM Pat Kitano wrote:
      Thx for the local feedback Terry... I'm surprised to hear you say straights have no clue to a politician's gay side. Maybe it's because I live in SF where that openness has become a given.

      My sister so far is surprised with Dallas (btw, I did recommend you and Jerold, but they settled for a local in the Turtle Creek area where they live)...

      I love the southern food and BBQ...

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      1. 6/7/2007 7:45 PM Terry Smith wrote:
        No surprise when you live in the Bible Belt, and still have wet and dry precincts. Ask your sister if she has experienced the unicard phenomenon. Thank you for the recommendation. BTW, We have gotten a client from Trulia voices.
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