Kudos to the US Trademark Office

Back in September last year, Sellsius alerted me with a fine
how-to post on filing a trademark application for several brand names I own, one being "Transparent Real Estate. Later, I received an arcane email describing the disclaimers I also needed to file - I had to disclaim the generic use of the word "real estate" and to the layman, it wasn't quite clear what else needed to be done; there was no checklist. The email included the name and phone # of the Trademark Examining Attorney, Ms. Bulloff.

Now, you might assume that the US Trademark Office might be run like the DMV; the processing times take a while and the difficult to understand email was written by trademark attorneys who seem to assume that the action response is obvious. But this is what happened:
  1. I called up Ms. Bulloff, and she answered the phone
  2. She pulled my files electronically and explained exactly what I had to do on the Trademark Office website 
  3. She doublechecked the wording I needed to use (legal language should always be templated)
  4. All done within 15 minutes. I told her I would write her a plaudit on the Office's service.
  5. Ms. Bullock said her supervisor Ms. Beck would be appreciative.
  6. I told Ms. Bullock to google her and Ms. Beck's name tomorrow and check out their props!
Bravo! Real estate professionals know both the value of trademarks and the headaches of bureaucracy, it's an unexpected pleasure when government services are provided effectively.

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  • 4/23/2007 10:30 AM Christopher Smith wrote:

    I have a couple of trademark issues I need to attend to, but have procrastinated simply because I hadn't steeled myself to take on the red tape. Now I'm encouraged.

    Kudos for you for pointing out something *good* that a government agency does. We're quick to bitch when things go wrong so it's nice to see someone sound off when something goes right.
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