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Yankee Blog SwapsMeme tagging ! The blogosphere provides its participants with "charade"-like games to break the ice... and frankly, the party like atmosphere is really welcome this time of year... thanks again to Mary on the Swap (which she is generously publicizing on the PR wires she advocates for bloggers, and will get her many rounds of drinks at the
Marriott Marquis bar next month), and to Geno and Teresa , wonderful blogger friends for meme-ing me concurrently. Read the oft-posted rules for meme tagging here and I'll quickly list my five not-overwhelming personal effects from my post-college days:

1) As a geophysics major at Cal Berkeley, I was quiet, and during one life phase sometimes went through a day without having one conversation; 2) I studied jazz and enjoy playing a variety of musical instruments; 3) My first real job was at
KJAZ, a legendary Bay Area jazz radio station; 4) many of KJAZ's employees went on strike shortly after I started and I was recruited by the owner to do sales; 5) I learned how to communicate with people... and went into business, an unimaginable path when I was a geeky kid. 6) (bonus) no one guesses my Japanese heritage... I have been told I look Nepalese.

Now, since most of my friends have gotten meme'd, I'll do something different. I'll be meme-ing three bloggers who admire reading and seem to be new - up only a few months - and there's still no evidence they have been meme'd on their blog. Oh, and my memees don't know me yet (except perhaps as a picture on their
MyBlogLog reader), so it's like a "cold call meme"... but it's the holidays and it's like making my introduction around the punch bowl at the bloggers' Christmas party...

Chris Smith at Equity Scout blog - fine info and tools for real estate investors... and just as useful for Realtors too.
Mariana Wagner at Springs Realty Scoop - Mariana sums it up - "I am not a cut-n-paste kind of gal, so what you read here is all original (Say: Oh-Ridge-Ih-NAHL)" - a very entertaining read.
Eric Rojas at Chicago Real Estate Local - Eric latest post suggests pent up buyer demand may trigger a very active January and February... I consider this a first sighting, and I believe he's correct. (ok, Geno, Eric, are your Chicago blogs joined at the hip with this burgundy design, or are you the same person? Naah, no one can write like Geno...)

Hi, Chris, Mariana, Eric - if you've discovered my meme tag - just want to say I really enjoy reading your blogs, your insights feel right - wishing you the best holiday season and looking forward to getting to know you better.

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  • 12/17/2006 9:45 AM teresa boardman wrote:
    Interesting, I kind of figured the geek thing, maybe I can even relate to it. Trust me very uncool for girls even when Dilbert was a national hero. The Jazz connection really caught me off guard. Thanks for playing!
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  • 12/17/2006 10:34 AM Bonnie Erickson wrote:
    Pat, I got meme'd twice, too, plus you invited me to the Yankee Blog Swap. I'm, so overwhelmed! First I get exposed to an entirely different blog community and THEN I have to tell all at the same time! It's interesting to follow the meme back and see where it came from and learn about others whose blogs we have been reading. If you want to really feel intimidated, check out Greg Swann's meme!
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  • 12/17/2006 8:44 PM jf.sellsius wrote:
    It's interesting how many of us have an interest in the arts. Also noticed that childhood experiences seem to make it into the memes. Hmm ..
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    1. 12/18/2006 8:38 AM Pat Kitano wrote:
      Thanks for your kind comments Teresa, Bonnie and Joseph... out of town today and will respond to each of you soon...


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  • 12/19/2006 9:40 PM Christopher Smith wrote:
    Happy Holidays Pat. I love the site. And thanks to your tag, anyone who wants to know five fascinating things about me just has to check out my blog!
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  • 12/30/2006 4:45 PM Mariana Wagner wrote:
    Thank you for the mention and for the meme. I HAD done a meme on ActiveRain ... but not one on my "other" blog. I will get right on that!
    I truly enjoy your blog - and will return!
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