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  (Congrats to Greg & Ardell)

I've been on this kick describing some of my unexpected insights on why Blogging works for me and hope that it might jumpstart others who think blogging is a daunting undertaking. For blog newbies it's difficult to find a chronological methodology, or cookbook, for developing a blog by checking other blog sources or by querying via Technorati. I cobbled everything together myself haphazardly and learned a lot (even posting pleas for help on the blog)...

The two sources I initially used for learning how to blog are:

1) Problogger's Blogging for Beginners series - for a new blogger, the lesson plan is just daunting - 35 chapters which I would pick and choose randomly on the learning curve. Now, after a couple of months under my belt, I've mastered the lessons and find the chapters still helpful.

2) Somehow early on I found Steve Pavlina's 7,000 word essay "How to make Money from your Blog". This article is a complete primer on what a new blogger has to know, what he/she has to learn (i.e., all those web tools), and practically, what needs to be done. Although the context is blog advertising, the real meat of the article are the truths of blogging - how to succeed, why it's difficult to succeed, and the methods to success. This one article puts blogging in context in one reading and provides the bird's eye view that 35 chapters don't do. It's been a key bookmark for me.

Anyway, odds were good Steve Pavlina had a following, and Greg Swann's blog #85, #90 and #95 in today's Blogoff introduces Pavlina and his insights
(he milked that blog!), so my post here supplements Greg's articles.

I think Pavlina's best piece in his oeuvre is his chronicle on polyphasic sleep - napping 25 minutes every four hours six times per 24-hour day - which he did for 5 months... I now don't feel worried that my sleep has dropped from 6-7 hours per night to 4-5 hours since I've started blogging... I devote the extra two hours of wakefulness to writing now.

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